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You will Receive:

(1) Detox Charcoal Mask 2 oz. jar.

Charcoal Mask includes 3 earth clays and charcoal with Citrus Smell!

(1) Detox Nightwear Cream 2 oz. jar.

This skincare, Nightwear Cream with Lavender and Peony Flower!

(1) Eye Serum 1 oz. Bottle 
This skincare, Eye Serum includes Vitamin C & Citrus Stem Cells for erasing forehead and eye wrinkles, providing tighter and youthful looking skin.

(1) Cold Brew Beard Oil 1oz. bottle. 
This skincare, Cold Brew Beard Oil includes Natural Seed Oils and Coffee Beans.

Apply 1 Drop to each side of your beard and massage in well.

You can do this in the morning when you wake up after washing your face, throughout the day or at night before you go to sleep.

MDC Skincare Set for Men

SKU: SkincareSet-Men
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