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Michael De Coleman has created numerous fashion brands which began in 2006 with Plum Denim Collection and now he introduces Michael De Coleman Luxury Fashion & Beauty Brand which includes Home Fragrances and Skin Care Products.  Michael De Coleman was born in Lauderdale, TN and is the oldest of four siblings.   
He relocated to Chicago, IL in 1995 where he began a modeling career as well as serving in the U.S. Navy. Modeling provided opportunities for him to be featured in lead roles in music videos, national magazines such as Vibe, Essence, Up Scale as well as a Modeling for Levi Jeans, Soft-Sheen Carson Hair Company and African Pride Hair Products. In which, he learned so much about the fashion industry at an early age by observing numerous aspects of the industry through modeling. 

Michael utilizes his unique gifts, creativity and talents, coupled with wisdom, knowledge, training and experience to design amazing luxury pieces that tells a story and sustain one in this ever-revolving industry!

Michael began sketching, designing and manufacturing his fashion designs while on tour with the great Tyler Perry's national stage play tours.  While on tour Michael designed a pair of unique boots entitled M76 Topline which were the first pair of denim boots ever created.  A stylish design for himself that caught the attention of a few crew members being intrigued asking him to design them their own custom pair of boots.  From that moment Michael realized that he had an eye for fashion, something special that he had to take advantage of and perfect. As compliments poured in this grew his confidence, love and passion for fashion. Sparking an idea and interest to create a product to fill a void for women who are plus size by creating PLUM DENIM Collection for full-figured women.  

In 2020 Michael expanded his brand and launched The House of Colemani as the umbrella for all of his brands that consist of High Fashion Designs, Women Handbags, Sneakers, Sandals, Home Fragrances, Skin Care, Cosmetics and Accessories. 

Michael exemplifies a dream becoming reality with relentless hard work, consistency, perseverance and welcomes the challenges that will arise on this journey to solidifying a legacy amongst the top fashion designers and recognized brands world-wide. 


Michael strives to influence and impact people lives around the world with super creative art, his testimonies of overcoming being paralyzed, homeless, depression and fear that speaks to inspire, impact and change lives by designing amazing fashion.

Get to know this visionary, super passionate, talented, creative and innovative man that utilizes art that touches millions of souls !   

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